The 3.3-metre aluminium dinghy of two Brisbane fisherman has been found after they went missing on Saturday night.

Water police are searching for Carwyn Massey, 25 and Timothy Maher, 31 after they failed to return from a late-night fishing trip.

The two men called their family about 10.15pm on Saturday saying they were coming home but never made it.

Fears were raised for the pair after their empty care and trailer were found parked at a boat ramp in Whytes Island, Moreton Bay. They have been missing in rough seas since Saturday night.

Their boat was found near Green Island, off Wynnum, about 5pm on Sunday.

It’s unclear where the men went fishing and their police have appealed to the public for information.

Mr Massey’s sister Rhiannon also posted a message on Facebook yesterday asking people to contact police.

“My brother Carwyn Massey has been missing since last night. If anyone hears anything people contact the police or myself and my family,” she wrote.

Brisbane Water Police will continue to co-ordinate an air, sea and land search for the two men today.

Senior Sergeant Dave Edden, Officer-in-Charge of Brisbane Water Police said weather conditions were easing which should assist with search operations.

“Today’s search will consist of 18 vessels including the Water Police, Coast Guard, Volunteer Marine Rescue and Queensland Yacht Squadron, as well as helicopters from Polair and Rescue 500,” he said in a statement.

“Police and SES personnel will also continue searching shore lines.”