Some 22 UK tourists are thought to be on the bus, along with local and other nationalities.

The bus crashed on a road between the Cuban cities of Baracoa, pictured, and Guantanamo

Seven people are dead and five are in critical condition after a bus carrying tourists crashed in Cuba.

Eighteen Cubans and 22 tourists from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Mexico and Canada were on the bus when it crashed in wet conditions between the eastern cities of Baracoa and Guantanamo.

The names and nationalities of those killed have not been released.

The driver told Radio Guantanamo he lost control on the wet and winding road.

Roads in Cuba are poorly lit, narrow and poorly maintained. Last year, there were 750 deaths and 7,999 injuries from 11,187 accidents on the country’s roads.

Thursday’s wreck is the fourth major bus accident in a month.

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