Capricorn Weekly Horoscope



Partnerships are up for review this week, Capricorn. How well are the people you’re paired up with performing? On Tuesday, your results-oriented ruler, Saturn—who’s in Capricorn—faces off with the Sun in Cancer and your house of dynamic duos. On Sunday, probing Pluto in Capricorn zips into the same hot seat, which may cause you to question a close connection. Energy flows where your attention goes. Are you devoting your valuable time towards people and situations that bring a healthy ROI? You may realize that you’ve outgrown certain collaborations, while in other cases it’s a matter of fine-tuning. Adjust those dials, Sea Goat! And don’t hang on out of guilt or habit—especially if there aren’t direct benefits for you. Good vibes don’t put food on the table, and your hard-working sign doesn’t have time to mess around with unpredictable sparkle ponies. Maybe you just need to ask people to step it up a bit. Even the most meant-to-be unions could use a tweak this week. Have you gotten so swept up in someone else’s exciting universe that you’ve forgotten to tend to your own? Reprioritize your personal goals. Make sure you have proper support structures in place for achieving your milestones. New and next-level collaborators may emerge this week, so keep the search beams on high! Single Capricorns could meet someone who would solidly have your back. Do a clean sweep of the thirst traps and create space for a keeper.

But harsh truth: If you’ve been making too many voluntary sacrifices, you may only have yourself to blame for the lopsided dynamics in your closest bonds. As the zodiac’s provider sign, you naturally rush in for the save when you intuit that your loved ones need a hand. Half the time, they haven’t even asked for your support! And while they’re thankful, they might also feel a little…controlled. Start training yourself to NOT compulsively give…at least not when it drains your reserves. And if you’ve been the one shortchanging a partner, use this week to make amends; in a way that works for your life. Exhausting yourself to show gratitude isn’t doing anyone any favors. Find a middle ground. Maybe it’s time to look for outside help if the two of you are on full?

On Thursday, July 11 passionate Mars in your eighth house of intimacy and sexuality squares off with destabilizing Uranus in your fifth house of flirting, romance and fame. Have your cake and eat it, too? If only it worked like that! But this week’s stars may put you in a “want it all” kind of mood. So what does that look like? A night (or three) with that pulse-racing hottie (who’s not up for settling down) or a deep and sustainable bond? Take your time to think—and feel—your way through this dilemma. As a cool-headed earth sign, this isn’t your normal approach, but it’s a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Can you get your kicks in ways that don’t undercut your self-esteem? Zing!

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