CFDA Faces Backlash Over Kara Ross Board Seat

The Council of Fashion Designers of America is facing criticism over jeweler Kara Ross seat on its board and one outraged designer has canceled their membership in response.
Ross, the wife of billionaire real estate tycoon and investor Stephen Ross, is said to have helped plan her husband’s Hamptons fundraiser this weekend for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Tickets to the Friday afternoon event — held at Ross’ Southampton estate — reportedly cost up to $250,000 and helped Trump raise some $12 million for his campaign in a single day. Ross’ Hudson Yards development is rumored be the official future home of New York Fashion Week, which is organized by the CFDA.
On Friday afternoon, jewelry designer Dana Lorenz — a 2010 CFDA Award nominee for her label, Fallon — sent a letter formally canceling her membership to the organization. Lorenz says she vehemently opposes many of Trump’s political platforms and that multiple messages to the CFDA expressing concern over Ross’ board seat were “met with a response that felt very much like…’not our problem,’ and to focus my energies elsewhere.”

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Dear Mr. Ford, Mr. Kolb, members and board of the CFDA, Effective

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