Guru Jagat Branches Out Into Fashion

PARIS — Guru Jagat would like a cup of coffee, with cream on the side. Not almond milk. Not soy milk. Actual cream, as in crème chantilly — an order that seems to be causing some confusion at the bar of the chic Pavillon de la Reine hotel on the Place des Vosges in Paris.
“I always get shade in Europe for wanting cream with my coffee. They’re like, ‘No, no, we don’t have any.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, you do. You put it on all the desserts. Go ask the chef,’” she said in a mock stage whisper. When the coffee eventually arrives, she adds a cube of sugar for good measure.
Welcome to a new kind of wellness guru. With her tumble of honey-blond curls and signature flowing white clothes, Jagat exudes a grounded serenity that doesn’t seem to rely on the heart chakra aromatherapy oils and ayurvedic energy supplements that power the $4.2-trillion global wellness industry.
Yet the charismatic 39-year-old has been quietly building a one-woman empire that positions her as kundalini yoga’s answer to Gwyneth Paltrow.
“I’m a serial entrepreneur,” said Jagat, who since opening her first RA MA Institute in the hip Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2013 has gained a

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