Japanese death metal band GYZE (pronounced “gee-zeh” with a hard “g”) will drop its fourth studio album, ASIAN CHAOS, in North America and Europe on Friday (July 12), hot on the heels of its release in the band’s home country on Wednesday (July 10).

The project will be released outside of Japan under the German record label OUT OF LINE, a Berlin-based company founded in 1995. The label got its start as a platform for dark electric and dark ambient underground music, but has been signing more rock and metal acts in recent years and has rebranded itself as a rising metal label.

The lead single is the “Far Eastern Mix” of the title track, featuring a distinctive fusion of traditional Japanese instruments with the band’s signature melodic death metal, with lyrics growled in English over killer guitar riffs. Watch the video below.

GYZE will embark on a 10-concert headlining Japan tour, called BEGINNING OF CHAOS, starting in September.


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