Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow Play a Revealing Game on 'The Tonight Show'

Kim Kardashian West’s phone contains all sorts of secrets. On Wednesday night, she gave some of them up. 

The reality TV star was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she played a game called, fittingly, “Show Me Your Phone.” It plays exactly how it sounds, with Kim and Jimmy taking turns to reveal random things on their device.

Like what? Like what was Kim’s last text from her husband, Kanye West (it’s an endearing message, which brings “ahhhhs” from the audience).

And her last Google search? (“is shapewear with pee hole better,” apparently). Model and Kim’s KKW makeup collaborator and bestie Winnie Harlow made an appearance and asked the pair to do something awkward, for the world to see. On Instagram. 

Kardashian West insisted she hadn’t “cleaned out” her phone before her sit down with Fallon. Watch the segment below.


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