The humble milk crate has been lavished with high praise from internet citizens following its role in pinning the Sydney knife attack suspect to the ground.

#MilkCrate was trending on Twitter in the wake of the brutal rampage allegedly carried out by Mert Ney, 21, on Tuesday afternoon.

The shocking events left a 21-year-old woman dead and another woman, 41, in hospital after being stabbed in the back.

Mr Ney was taken into custody and is expected to be charged on Wednesday.

The men who intervened to capture Mr Ney were praised for their heroics.

Alex Roberts and Lee Cuthbert, who helped stop the alleged attacker, were called “heroes of the highest order” for their role in pinning him down before anyone else was stabbed.

Even Russell Crowe chiming in.

The hashtag #MilkCrate of couse instantly went viral as people praised the men and the very ordinary tool they used to restrain the attacker.

“Make America crate again,” one person quipped. “#Thoughtsandchairs,” said another.

Not everyone, however, was happy with the sentiment, with some saying more respect needed to be paid to the woman who lost her life.

It comes after witnesses also used a chair and a shopping trolley to stop an attack in Melbourne’s CBD in November 2018.

Ordinary people also took on the terrorists with bar stools and chairs in the London Bridge terror attack.

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