After an especially chilly Saturday, NSW and Victoria are bracing for more icy temperatures amid fresh weather warnings.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning with a third cold front to sweep through NSW later today, promising more frigid and gusty conditions.

“Winds will intensify again over southeast NSW this afternoon and evening, and it is likely that some gusts will exceed 90km/h,” the Bureau of Meteorology NSW warned.

The front is predicted to last until early Monday morning before winds ease and it moves east, away from NSW.

It’s been a cold morning in Sydney with the official gauge reading 9.8C.

But the apparent temperature is much lower, with the mercury peaking at just 3.5C in Sydney at 9.30am.

“The ‘feels like’ temperature will be cold for the whole day, because of freshening winds in the afternoon,” meteorologist Rob Taggart from the Bureau of Meteorology told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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A minimum temperature of 6C in the city and 3C in the west is expected today, with a maximum of 17C forecast.

Travellers are not looking forward to vigorous winds redeveloping over parts of the state, after yesterday’s gale force winds left Sydney Airport in chaos.

Hundreds of flights in and out of Sydney airport were cancelled due to the wild weather, leaving only one runway in operation. However, flights have returned to regular scheduling this morning.

While most Sydney-siders only woke to frostier temps, some actually saw snow. One Twitter user shared footage of snowfall at Crookwell, Goulburn yesterday afternoon.

The cold snap has led to the SES receiving more than 300 weather-related call outs over the past few days across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra, mainly due to fallen trees and power lines.

A severe weather warning for damaging winds remains in place for Sydney’s coastal fringe, but not the rest of the metropolitan area.

There is also a chance of blizzards in alpine regions above 1600m on Sunday afternoon.

The BOM predicts another front will move through NSW on Wednesday, but it’s unlikely to be as strong as those we’ve seen this week.

A severe weather warning is also active in Victoria.

Damaging winds averaging 60-70 km/h with gusts of 90km/h are expected to develop across parts of coastal Victoria this morning before extending slightly further inland during the afternoon.


The major cities are mostly in for a chilly day before the wind gusts roll in later this afternoon.

Perth and Brisbane are in for a sunny day, both reaching a top of 19C.

Sydney will creep up to 16C before dipping again, as a third cold front moves in this afternoon.

A shower or two is expected in Adelaide (15C), as well as Melbourne (14C).

A possible shower is also developing in Canberra (where temps won’t rise above 9C) and Hobart (sitting at 10C).