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Just days after Yang Mi severed ties with Versace over slights to Chinese sovereignty, Coach and Givenchy too have run afoul of the same sensitive issue. ⁣

The two brands issued apologies on their official Weibo accounts on Monday for giving off the impression that Hong Kong and Taiwan are separate countries.⁣

Liu Wen, Coach ambassador and China’s most high-profile model, publicly distanced herself from the brand on Monday morning, as did actress Guan Xiaotong. Liu attached a statement from her legal representation, Zhejiang Zeda Law Firm, and wrote the following on her Weibo:⁣

“At all times, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must not be violated. Because of the inaccuracy of the brand I chose and the hurt it has brought to everyone, I apologize to everyone here. I passionately love my mother country and safeguard China’s sovereignty.”⁣

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