Serial fantasist Nelly Yoa says he is sorry he lied to Victoria Police about being attacked and claims he wants to live a “modest life” after dodging jail.

The 31-year-old wept in court when his jail sentence was overturned and he was instead ordered to serve a three-year community corrections order.

“I just want to move on … I want the media to just respect me and let me get on with my life,” Yoa said outside the Victorian County Court today.

Yoa pleaded guilty to perjury and making a false report to police after he lied about a woman threatening him with a knife at his Dandenong home in 2016.

He also claimed the same woman threatened him with a gun in central Melbourne.

A subsequent police investigation proved Yoa was lying about it and the woman was cleared of wrongdoing.

“Thank you, your honour, for this opportunity,” a teary Yoa told Judge Trevor Wraight after he was re-sentenced.

“I’m highly remorseful for my stupidity.”

His barrister Stephanie Wallace said the offending was “somewhat inexplicable” and could have been related to his narcissistic personality and undiagnosed “psychopathic traits”.

“He has an odd, narcissistic and grandiose flavour to his presentation,” Ms Wallace said.

Mr Yoa wanted to move on from this and “get his head straight”.

“Despite some of his past history (he) does want to live a modest life,” she said.

But the judge did not see a need for an additional psychiatric report.

“He writes an apology to the victim as well, so I don’t accept that he’s got some kind of delusion going on that needs to be investigated further to downplay the offending,” Judge Wraight said.

The offending had a “sinister aspect and nastiness” to making up the statements in order to hurt another person, the judge said.

The judge took into account that Yoa’s use of ice, cocaine and Xanax may have played a role in the offending.

He said the community corrections order would help Yoa deal with his psychological and drug abuse issues.

“It’s up to you to change your behaviour and to stop thinking about yourself,” Judge Wraight told Yoa on Monday.

Yoa must complete drug treatment programs and 250 hours of community work as part of the corrections order.