Shocking new rant from mother jailed for arranging daughter’s rape

A woman who spent 12 months behind bars for arranging the rape of her own young daughter has unleashed an extraordinary new spray just months after her release.

Peta Butler was just 16 when her mother took her to a seedy Toowoomba hotel room, plied her with alcohol, and left her to be attacked by a balding, obese man three times her age.

Mother Therese Butler sat outside smoking during the 2006 rape, which took place during what was supposed to be a “girl’s weekend”.

Instead, she had arranged for a man she had met online several years earlier to assault her teenage daughter.

It took a decade for Ms Butler to find the strength to confront her mother, tricking her into confessing to the crime in an emotional 30-minute phone call.

During the incriminating call, which was recorded with the assistance of police, Therese Butler can be heard telling her daughter: “I wouldn’t have taken you down there unless you were 16.”

When Peta Butler says “I told him no, I was crying, I was telling him no”, her mother responds, admitting a crime had taken place.

“It was still. yeah … it was still rape, but you were 16. I wouldn’t let him touch you under, under sixteen, no way,” she said.

Her mother eventually pleaded guilty to procuring a child for carnal knowledge and was sentenced to four years in prison, suspended after 12 months.

However, the rapist has never been found.

Ms Butler walked free last October and has been living in Cooloola Cove in Queensland with her new partner since then.

But recently she was approached by reporters from theDaily Mail, and unleashed on her daughter in an extraordinary spray.

“Do you believe a little sl- …” she said after being approached by journalists, before correcting herself and saying: “a woman who was raped by her (relative)?”

“She was raped by (a relative) when she was 14,” Ms Butler claimed.

She became agitated again after being asked by reporters to help identify the rapist.

“You want my side of the story, talk to my cop,” she said, before calling a photographer a “f***head” and telling him to go “shove it … up your ar**”.

Her 28-year-old daughter hit back, telling the Daily Mail her mother’s allegations were “100 per cent untrue” and that she was “just making up lies”.

“(She) still has no remorse and she never will for what she has done,” she told the publication.

Peta Butler waived her right to anonymity last year in an effort to tell her story and inspire other sexual assault survivors to speak out.

In her first media interview in February 2018, Ms Butler told Courier Mail journalist Kate Kyriacou horrifying details of the attack.

“He didn’t say anything. He just literally walked up to me and took off his clothes and took off my pants. I was frozen. I couldn’t do anything. I just couldn’t move,” she said.

Shortly afterwards, she appeared on A Current Affair, telling veteran host Tracy Grimshaw her mother “knew what was happening” and had failed to save her helpless child.

“I think to myself ‘how could a mum do what she did’?” she said on air.

“How could a mum sit outside knowing that their daughter is being raped by her potential boyfriend?

“I was hoping she was going to come in and stop it.”

Peta Butler’s rapist — a man identified only as “Thommo” — has never been caught.

He was described by Ms Butler as “extremely obese” with bulging eyes, standing at around 175cm tall.

That description helped police from the Photographic and Electronic Recording Section create a computer-generated image of his likeness.

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