If you’re ever stuck trying to make foreigners believe it really can snow in Australia, there’s now a video for that.

Parts of Australia were blanketed in snow over the weekend as a polar front moved from the south of the country up to parts of New South Wales, Victoria and even Queensland.

The freezing conditions hit most of country NSW including a sheep farm near Goulburn, where kangaroos were spotted frolicking in the snow.

The video, taken by Sydney man Stephen Grenfell, pictured dozens of kangaroos jumping around the paddock, blanketed in snow.

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The paddock, which sits on Taralga Rd just north of Goulburn and three hours west of Sydney, is typically dry and arid.

While the kangaroos appeared to be enjoying the snow, it caused a few headaches for others.

Over the weekend, NSW SES received some 1167 requests for help since the weather event began, with a lot of these spread over the southeastern half of the state especially the Blue Mountains.

SES members worked with police and the Rural Fire Service in the area to prepare for snow overnight and into Sunday.

Teams in 4WD’s patrolled the Great Western Highway with first aid and emergency supplies and set up refuge stations along the highway.

Conditions are easing but motorists are still encouraged to park their cars undercover away from trees, stay away from fallen power lines, check for road closures, to drive safe especially around the Blue Mountains and watch out for black ice if travelling up to the snow fields.

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Police are urging motorists to drive with extreme caution after snow-affected roads caused multiple collisions near Jindabyne.

One incident involved a police car and three other vehicles, travelling at about 30km/h on Friday.

The three cars attempted to stop but collided after sliding on the roads along Alpine way.

There were also about eight other vehicles that lost control along the road and became involved in the incident.

Another five managed to avoid the collision but became stuck in snow on the side of the road.