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In a surprise move, Amazon’s offering their newest smart display at a discount for Prime Day. The Echo Show 5 came out less than a month ago. The $90 list price was already a good deal, since it combined the voice enabled smarts of the company’s famous assistant Alexa with a touchscreen for controlling your smart home, watching videos and making video calls.

While we expected most Alexa devices, like the Amazon Echo, to go on sale for Prime Day, the Show 5 didn’t seem a likely candidate. It’s brand new and already much less than the company’s other smart display, the $230 Second Generation Echo Show. This surprise sale might be too good to pass up if you want an Alexa touchscreen for your nightstand. You can get the Show 5 right now for $50. 

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The Show 5 has a petite 5.5 inch touchscreen. It responds to voice commands and includes unique features like a sunrise alarm to help ease you out of your sleep. Amazon also rolled out a new smart home control panel with the Show 5, so it’s easier to see and control your devices at a glance by swiping over on the touchscreen. 

The new Amazon Echo Show 5 is on sale for $50 (save 44%) 1


The new Amazon Echo Show 5 is on sale for $50 (save 44%) 2

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