Trump is set for a $6.6 million round of golf

Demonstrations against Trump’s visit are expected in cities across the U.K. with at least two set for Scotland — one in Glasgow on July 13 and another in Edinburgh the following day.

Trump has a strong family connection to Scotland as his mother, Mary Anne Macleod Trump, was born on the Isle of Lewis in 1912.

His personal popularity in his mother’s country was damaged as far back as 2006 when he purchased a 1,400-acre coastal plot north of Aberdeen and turned it into a golf resort.

The development was initially rejected by local politicians, but the central Scottish government, keen on the promise of jobs, overturned the initial findings to give the project a green light.

The development, now the Trump International Golf Links, has been mired in further controversy as locals claimed they were threatened with eviction and environmentalists warned of damage to 4,000-year-old sand dunes.

Trump later bought the world famous Turnberry resort which has regularly been used for the Open Championship golf tournament.

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